they called their camper Bersaflo.

kousaku and i have less than a month in France. we're coming back next year but i'm especially sad to be leaving now that the whole country has exploded into summer. brittany is notoriously rainy but the clouds have finally lifted. i try to keep the windows open as long as i can because the air is so fragrant with flowers. oh france.

the weather this weekend was especially incredible.

our neighbor nancy invited us to join her, her boss and a friend for a little birthday celebration in the countryside. there wasn't a cloud in the sky and we sat outside garden eating lunch and talking. it was so nice. then gerard, nancy's boss, took us to see some megalith formations nearby. brittany has a deep celtic heritage and in some regions there are this massive stonehenge-esque rock formations. neat! the landscape was beautiful and reminded me a lot of saskatchewan but everytime i notice the sky and a field i'm reminded of saskatchewan.

since this weekend was another long weekend (every weekend in may has been a long weekend), kousaku and i decided to go camping in saint malo. we waited for the bus but the driver wouldn't let us on because it was full. we booted it to the station to try and catch a train and got there with just enough time to catch the next train out. when we got on, the conductor announced the stops and we realised we weren't on the right train. instead of heading north to saint malo, we were going south to quimper. we could have gotten off at the next stop and transferred trains but it would have taken the whole afternoon so instead we decided to see what vannes, an ocean side city along the way, had to offer. we got off at the station and walked 5 km to the campground, stopping at an arts fair. then we spent the whole afternoon reading and bathing at the beach. it was beautiful. we walked back into town for dinner and ate the best galettes and crepes i've had so far in france. i met a nice cat. once we were back at the campsite, we bumped into a super friendly parisien we met earlier that day and he invited us back to his camper trailer to have a drink with his wife. we drank the champagne they reserve for guests. they were so precious. we talked about all kinds of things and ended the evening with an intensive training session on the correct pronunciation of "roux" and "rue" at 3am. best misadventure to date.

c'est parti!

like clockwork it's taken me seven months (nearly) to get used to life in france. when i was living in japan i pined for my life back across the pacific until about seven months in, around the same time the cherry blossoms sat like pink clouds in the trees and the chill in the air was gone.

now the trees are starting to spurt their tender green buds and the sun sets well past 8 and i'm more than a little amoureuse of france and the french. it's weird too that this transition has happened, it seems, all of a sudden. kousaku and i met a couple of people in the last month that have really surprised me with their genuineness and openness and i suddenly feel at home. rennes's been good to me and i'm finally grateful for it.

i've been super keen to take advantage of all things french cuisine lately. last night i made tartotontomate (tarte au thon et tomate) and tonight's menu will include some légumes au grillade with purée d'aubergine. i'm a seductress of culinary techniques.

did i mention that i'm utterly in love with my job to boot? i really am. especially primary school. i'm so proud of the little blighters and whenever little marwan shakes my hand after class to thank me for the lesson my job satisfaction reaches a new all time high. it's given me something to chew on as far as future career goals (possibly).

i'm desperate to come back next year to study french (read: work on sassy accent) and work though i have no idea how i'm going to manage it. somewhere between now and september i need to find a stack of money. i've never been so poor and so happy but isn't that how it always is? how cliché.

so i don't forget

im really happy. a little bit lazy too. and i live in france. and i'm crazy about the man i wake up next to. and i dont have very much money and i dont have very many things. and im really happy.

le monde m'appartient.

holy shit i'm going to france!

man! i got into france! i've got a 9 month contract to start in october teaching elementary students in rennes. the elementary position calls for decent french speakers which means my french is going to get so good! man! i've heard wonderful lovely things about rennes. it's the birthplace of crepes! you know how i feel about crepes.


i'm in japan. i really am. it feels like home.

my heart is light, the day is young, i am so happy to be back. i cried when i saw hannah coming down the escalator at tejnin station to meet me. when had ume-shu and soda at the cutest little cafe in the daimyo district and then caught the last train home. a drunk guy talked at us and some lovely girls who didnt even know him apologized for his awful behaviour.

i heart japan times a million.

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it's 1:30 and my room mate's snoring is keeping me up. i wish he had someone to wake him up and roll him over. i wish that for both of us. then he'd have someone who cared about him, who'd want to sleep next to him every night, who felt comfortable giving him a sharp elbow when he needed it and i would get a good night's sleep.

"running up that hill" by the chromatics is my new favourite song, especially right now through this snoring episode. it's so 80's it hurts.

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i love reading my brother's journal entries. he has a lovely way with words. i'm happy to have a brother like him. he doesn't take shit.

and it tastes like victory

one of the owners had a talk with me today. it turns out he heard through the grapevine that i had a hell of a time on sunday due to his brother and partner (as i posted earlier). he apologized on behalf of his lunatic brother and wanted to make sure i wasnt leaving because i'm an asset and they love me. i told him that i appreciated the gesture but i would under no circumstances work under those conditions again.

tomorrow marks my first day off in nearly two weeks and oh how sweet it is going to be. current plans include coffee with a work chum, a good long old fashioned swim, sending a care package to japan, a browse about the library followed by a read and topped off with a birthday hang a la erin. ohhhh man i can taste the day off goodness. i'm not going to be able to get it all done, i know, but just think of all the things you can do in a day! all the things aside from work!

working as much as i am, i'm coming to realise that i need need need to have a life outside of it. it's a vortex, especially since the nature of my job is so social and everyone is chummy and i genuinely like it and don't mind putting in the extra hours (when i dont want to shoot myself in the foot because my boss is a raging fucktard).

so to keep my sanity i've decided to make a definitive effort to divorce myself from work and get into my hobbies even more. photography and jewelry making in particular, and swimming too. i just have all of these ideas and i want to spew them out and make things, pretty things and pour all of my energy into something and into myself. because if i don't release this energy now it's going to curdle and whither and i'll look back and wonder what held me back and the only answer will be myself.

tomorrow is going to be the day off of the rest of my life. fingers crossed i dont sleep in past my alarm.
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